Zdravlje at JUSK’s VI Annual International Conference


The Sixth Annual International Conference on GDP held on May 28 in Belgrade was dedicated to „Good practice in distribution of medicines and medical devices – Change Management”. The annual conferences was organized by JUSK (United Association of Serbia for Quality) in cooperation with Agency for Consulting and Education (AKE). The goal of this conference is supporting the participants in the supply chain of medicines and medical devices through exchange and acquiring new information and experiences in implementation of GDP and other GxP, that are presented by domestic and international experts from Serbia, the Region, EEC and other markets.

Covid-19 distraction and impacts – how to stay focused on the job by using BCM

Zdravlje Company had the pleasure to share its experiences and good practices in Business Continuity Management at the Panel of this scientific event through the presentation given by Biljana Ilic, EHS Manager, who participated in the implementation of Environmental, Health and Safety system, Business Continuity Management, Environmental Impact Assessment and HAZOP studies during more than 20 years of her professional experience at various positions and projects within Zdravlje.


In line with the Mission of our Company and the main goals of the pharmaceutical sector, which is devoted to the treatment of patients, preserving and improving the health of the population, Biljana shared Zdravlje’s experiences on the topic: “Covid-19 distraction and impacts – how to stay focused on the job by using BCM“.

Implementing BCM as a tool and a holistic process of business continuity management in Zdravlje enabled the company to recognize the COVID-19 pandemic as a potential threat to the business on time. Through the analyses of the possible impacts on the segments of the business and by assessing the risks of the threats caused by the pandemics of large scale, the necessary steps were defined to ensure the continuity of the key business operations.
Based on the crisis development and assessment of its length, the multidisciplinary team of Zdravlje (Situation Room) continuously aligned and updated its Business Continuity Plans including all the necessary activities and additional preventative measures for every concrete situation.



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