Zdravlje Leskovac – Green Energy for Cleaner Environment and Sustainable Growth


Zdravlje AD Leskovac is one of the first large companies in Serbia that practically verified their commitment to environmental, health, safety and sustainability through active participation and support of the activities that go side by side with the joint efforts of the contemporary responsible society.

“Zdravlje continues to operate as a socially and environmentally responsible company and one of the leading consumers of green energy in Serbia,” said Nebojsa Kostic, Engineering Director, emphasizing Zdravlje’s commitment to building up the cleaner environment, sustainability and improving the quality of life in the community it operates in.


In order to support to further building up the ecological awareness and participation in this socially responsible activity, Nebojsa Kostic, Engineering Director, was present on behalf of Zdravlje AD Leskovac at the EPS’s panel: “Green Energy of Electric Industry of Serbia – Side by Side with the World”, at which the program “ZELEPS” was presented to potential new users from the Nis Region at the end of June this year.




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