History of Zdravlje

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History of Zdravlje

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1952 – 1953

Fourteen employees at the Town Pharmacy Enterprise in Leskovac established „Chemical Laboratory“ in which they produce magistral pharmaceutical products. At the packaging of the simple, but necessary drugs, soon appears the signature „Chemical and Pharmaceutical Laboratory“.

In December 1953, the Factory of drugs ZDRAVLJE – Leskovac was founded. Its founder is the Master of Pharmacy Bozidar Djordjevic-Kukar, hailing from a renowned Leskovac industrialist family.

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1954 – 1955

Partnerships established with : CH Boehringer Ingelheim and PFIZER.

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1956 – 1960

ZDRAVLJE takes important steps:

To build a new factory with infrastructure in compliance with European standards, to establish own school for technicians of various profiles, to provide scholarships for a number of students at faculties.

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1961 – 1965

ZDRAVLJE moves to new facilities in the „industrial zone“ of the town, at its current location.

ZDRAVLJE increases number of international partners. Experts teams are formed and research and development operations begin.

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1966 – 1970

With expertise from the Faculties of Technology in Novi Sad and Belgrade, the foundations of the base production are built: the manufacturing of clinical dextran is started by biosynthesis (a method that was developed in ZDRAVLJE laboratories).

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The period of complete maturity: ZDRAVLJE is the brand name of trust. More than 180 registered products in 220 forms are manufactured. Mostly from the portfolio of BOEHRINGER, but also from PFIZER, LEDERLE, CLIN MYDI, WELLCOMME, MADAUS, GRÜNENTHAL …

ZDRAVLJE in cooperation with the firms Dr DRALLE and SCHWARZKOPF introduces the cosmetics production.

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1976 – 1980

ZDRAVLJE expands in more than 40 countries around the world. Three quarters of the gross income comes from export.

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1981 – 1985

ZDRAVLJE introduces the Medical Devices Program.

With the American firm TRAVENOL Zdravlje produces filters for dialisis with accompanying sets and solutions.

At the areas of South Serbia, Zdravlje builds:

– Mini-facility of medicinal disposable syringes
– Combined facility for processing agricultural products, herbs and forest fruits.
– Facility for aluminum tubes and aerosol doses.

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1996 – 2000

ZDRAVLJE uses its own human potential and research resources. The Facility of API and fine chemicals is built. The own production substitutes part of the imported raw materials.

With the American firm POLYMER TECHNOLOGY Corporation. Zdravlje continues previously initiated production of contact lenses BOSTON ENVISION .

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From the beginning of 2003, ZDRAVLJE is acquired by PHARMACO Group from Iceland.

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From 17 May 2004, PHARMACO changes its name to ACTAVIS.

Major investment in new equipment for production, refurbishment of the manufacturing facilities and other departments, installing of the modern IT ERP and Quality Control Systems.

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The first phase of refurbishment of the pharmaceuticals Production Facility (Solid Oral Dosage) commences. After this, ZDRAVLJE’s new production facility will be able to supply the most demanding markets in Europe.

Thanks to the most up-to-date equipment and modern manufacturing technological processes, ZDRAVLJE produces tablets, dragees, ampules, capsules, syrups and inhalators.

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Zdravlje is certified per ISO 14001 Standard by SGS.

Zdravlje introduces BCM Standard – for Business Continuity Management, highly rated by international auditors.
The Cosmetics Facility continues operations based on the Agreement as an independent firm «Z Cosmetics», established by the employees of this former Zdravlje Business Unit.

Zdravlje donates its Herbal Drier Facility to the municipality of Bosilegrad.

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The Refurbishment of Microbiology Lab is completed in compliance with the highest GLP standards.

The First Phase of OSD Facility Refurbishment is successfully completed. The refurbishment immediately enters the Phase 2. Total investment since the privatization of Zdravlje already exceeds EUR 30 million.

Zdravlje receives the Certificate for Quality in compliance with ISO 9001 : 2001, and by its Certificate in Health and Safety – OHSAS 18001 Zdravlje Leskovac takes the leading position in the global company it operates with.

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The Five-year Privatization Agreement has been successfully realized. Actavis Group, within which Zdravlje operates since 2003, has invested over EUR 31 million into modernization of manufacturing operations in Zdravlje Leskovac.

The Refurbishment Project for the OSD manufacturing and packaging has been completed. Zdravlje Leskovac now has the best manufacturing facility in Actavis Group in Europe.

Zdravlje achieves exceptional results at the Serbian GMP MoH Certification Inspection.

Based on the Inspection of the Danish Medicines Agency, Zdravlje gets the first formal EU GMP Certificate and accomplishes the most important business goal – entering the European and world markets.

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EU GMP – Danish Agency Certificate for medicines from Zdravlje.

The first millions of tablets of the oral hypoglycemic produced in Zdravlje go to the market of Denmark after receiving the EU GMP Certificate, and the company receives the authorization for this product at the French market.

Compared to the period from the beginning of the Privatization, the production of Zdravlje shows a significant increase: from 17.5 million packs of finished products in 2003, to the production of over 30 million packs in 2009. At the same time, the volume increase for the markets of Europe, such as Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Portugal, and the markets of other continents, such as Asia and Africa, contributes to the fact that more than 30% of Zdravlje production is exported to international markets.

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The Liquids Facility is completely reconstructed in compliance with the current guidelines and the Serbian GMP Certificate is received for the production and packaging of the Zdravlje liquid pharmaceutical products. Zdravlje receives Ukrainian GMP.

After the four-day inspection by the Ukrainian Medicines Agency, all GMP relevant processes in Zdravlje have been checked and confirmed by the received Certificate.

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The annual NTK Pharmacy Conference was held, focusing on “Challenges of pharmaceutical business in an international environment.

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Global integration between Watson Pharmaceuticals and Actavis. Zdravlje continues its successful operations within one of the top three leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

After the reviews and approval of the relevant national, financial and stock-exchange institutions, Actavis’ final offer for acquiring all the shares of FHI Zdravlje AD is announced.

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Zdravlje builds a new facility in compliance with EU GMP and EHS standards for manufacturing and packaging of a new product used in the therapy of the Parkinsonian disease (levodopa – carbidopa – entacapone).

According to all business parameters and achievements in 2013, Zdravlje wins the title of Vice-Champion in its category among Actavis manufacturing sites around the world, crowning its great jubilee – 60th Anniversary of successful business.

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New jobs are created for over one hundred new employees in line with increased demands for Zdravlje’s products.

New equipment for production processes, primary and secondary packaging is acquired to meet the set goals. New capsuling equipment, of almost 10 time higher volume is installed.

After the title of Vice-Champion in 2013, Zdravlje Team achieves the best performance results in the class in 2014 and wins the title “Plant of the Year” in the global competition of the Group it operates with.

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Globally, Actavis and Allergan start the integration and the combination makes one new more dynamic type of the company – leader in developing pharmaceutical industry. The Global business is continued under the name Allergan, with commitment to maintain Actavis brand in selected geographies and for selected product portfolios. Zdravlje continues its operation under Actavis brand.

During the new four-day inspection by the Danish Medicine Agency, the full compliance and Zdravlje’s EU GMP Certificate is confirmed.

Zdravlje receives the National “28 April Acknowledgement” for its commitment to Health and Safety at work.

Following the successful transfer of new products, the increase of the production capacities, installation of the new equipment and hiring of more than 100 new employees, Zdravlje sends a convoy of long-vehicles with historical quantities of exported products.

The end of an exceptional year, in which Zdravlje rounds 62 full years of successful business, is marked by a great Team Celebration for all Zdravlje employees.

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2016 – 2020

From 3 August, Zdravlje, together with the whole generic business of Allergan (Actavis Generics) starts operating within the leading generic pharmaceutical company in the worlds – Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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From April 1, Zdravlje formally starts to operate under the ownership of Frontier Baystone Group , a UK – based specialty pharma company comprising industry veterans from around the world.

Organization changes from May 10, 2021 mark the beginning of the successful journey towards achieving Zdravlje’s Vision and Mission: Kiren Naidoo takes over the role and responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer (CEO of Zdravlje AD Leskovac), and Levent Selamoglu is appointed as Chairman of Zdravlje’s Board of Directors.

Zdravlje organizationally consists of three business divisions: CDMO, Commercial and Strategic Projects.

Zdravlje acquired several product registrations from Teva/Actavis in the areas of CNS, cardiology and women’s health.



A busy and exciting year with extraordinary progress that supports Zdravlje’s ambitious growth plans for the future. Our CDMO (manufacturing) business, successfully continues supplying Teva, with new signed agreements and initiated tech transfer activities with multiple high profile multinational companies.

Zdravlje launches a novel Treatment for Covid-19 in large markets such as Poland.

Zdravlje signs historic partnership with Medicines Patent Pool to develop, manufacture and launch authorised generic version of Paxlovid (developed by Pfizer), a novel Covid-19 therapy.

Our Commercial business continues to maximise Zdravlje products with successful launches of a number of advanced consumer products which proudly display the Zdravlje brand (Imuneks, Neurocalm, Normonerv etc.).

All this resulted in over 70 new sustainable jobs just in the first year of the Company’s independent business, whose team proudly celebrated the annual achievements on the occasion of the 69th Anniversary of Zdravlje Leskovac.



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