Biljana Ilic, EHS Manager

Zdravlje has been my sole employer for nearly 25 years. Progressing from roles like Research Associate to leadership positions involving coordinating customer relations and environmental protection, my experience here has been a continuous journey of growth. The company’s reputation not only brings recognition from various institutions but also ensures a sense of security.

Currently leading the Environmental Protection, Health, and Safety Department, I share knowledge and experience with younger colleagues, emphasizing why “Zdravlje” is my sole employer – it trusts in young talent and offers opportunities for professional and personal development. My daughter’s choice to pursue pharmacy was strengthened during her visit to Zdravlje, highlighting our strong connection with the company.

Mirjana Krstic, Responsible person for Development & CMC

I was enthusiastic about applying for a position at Zdravlje due to our shared ideals, especially the emphasis on patient well-being. In my nearly three years-long tenure, I’ve immersed myself in a knowledge-rich environment marked by quality, innovation, and trust. The consistent support from Zdravlje makes working here a privilege, and I anticipate enhancing my expertise through continuous personal and professional growth. Working in the pharmaceutical industry within the healthcare sector is a significant responsibility because health (zdravlje) is at the heart of everything – and is the most valuable of all.

Stefan Pozar, ERP Consultant

It is a great pleasure to be a part of the team which continuously works on developing the modern business of Zdravlje company. I highly appreciate the well-built business status and the brand of this company that is recognized throughout the region. It was not long after I started working in Zdravlje that I was honored and empowered to take part and share the expertise and experiences with my colleagues, working together on the projects of high importance for the growth and development of the company. I am more than ready now to do my best and contribute to improving our business achievements and to become a part of our great team’s success.



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