“Zdravlje“ flag is waving proudly at Pharmaceutical Site in Leskovac


On April 1, 2021, Zdravlje marked its Day 1 of operations as an independent pharmaceutical company under the ownership of Frontier Pharma and Baystone Group.

After the opening meeting with Zdravlje Leadership Team, Levent Selamoglu, president of Frontier Pharma, and Kiren Naidoo, Frontier’s CEO, uncovered the signage with the renowned Zdravlje brand at the site’s locations – Hall and Entrance to Oral Solid Dosage facility, and in front of the Administrative Building, with the presence of employees and management team of Zdravlje.

A special solemn moment was devoted to raising the flags of “Zdravlje” and Serbia with the sounds of the Serbian anthem “Bože pravde“. Zdravlje flag is now waving again at Leskovac Pharmaceutical Site, making all the employees proud.

As a symbol of the new beginning of a long and successful growth of Zdravlje, and in line with our social and environmental responsibility, new long-living and high-growing trees were planted:

Bojan Jovic – planted a ginko biloba tree

Kiren Naidoo planted a Canadian mapple tree

Levent Selamoglu planted a tulip tree.

After the special gifts in Zdravlje brand were handed out, the employees participated in a joint Teams meeting at their computers or work stations, in compliance with actual preventative measures, following on-line the messages and presentations given by the Managing Director Bojan Jovic, Levent Selamoglu and Kiren Naidoo.

With great optimism and enthusiasm, all Zdravlje employees, “interconnected by invisible forces as one“, every minute and every day contribute to the success and future of the pharmaceutical industry in Leskovac, from where Zdravlje, under the well-known brand, continues its growth to the international and global heights.



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