World Environment Day – #BeatPlasticPollution


On the occasion of the “World Environment Day” – June 5 – focusing this year on the theme:   #BeatPlasticPollution, we are proud to join the global campaign as a socially and environmentally responsible company and as Zdravlje employees highly aware of the importance of our individual and collective contribution to the outcome of this continuous battle.

We are sharing the key messages and an illustrative summary of the ways we successfully fight the plastic pollution in Zdravlje.

Environmental Impact

Currently, the world production of plastic is more than 400 million tons per year (and is increasing), half of which is designed to be used only once. Of that, less than 10 per cent is recycled.

Today, plastic leaves a rude scar on almost all the landscapes on our Earth, clogs our landfills, leaches into the rivers and is combusted into toxic smoke, making it one of the gravest threats to the Planet and all the living beings on it.

Zdravlje proudly showcases how businesses and individuals can use materials more sustainably, offering hope that one day, plastic pollution may become history.

  • Plastic waste is 20% of total non-hazardous waste “produced” on our Site.
  • We are reusing/recycling 100% of plastic from production.



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