Important promotions in Zdravlje Management Team


It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform about the important promotions in our Zdravlje Management Team. These changes come as we optimize and position Zdravlje as an independent Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) which has the flexibility to respond to market and client needs. We are very excited about our next chapter as an independent company and look forward to continued success.

As of April 1, Dusan Cvetanovic, an experienced and proven leader in the key segments of our Production operations, has been appointed to a prominent position within the Operations of the Zdravlje AD Leskovac Site, as the Senior Site Director.

Dusan joined Zdravlje in 1996 as an Engineer of organic-chemical technology and polymer engineering. He gained his professional and managerial experience by working as a Manager of the Solid forms and Packaging Plant, and then as a Solid Forms Production Manager in the Production Department. From November 2017, he held the position of Senior Manager in the Solid Forms Production Facility, and from April 2018, he was promoted to the leading position as Production Director. In June 2019, he completed his specialization in Industrial Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade. From April 1, 2023, with this promotion to the position of Senior Site Director, Dusan will assume the responsibilities of the Senior representative of our Site operations, including Manufacturing, Packaging, Engineering and EHS.

Dusan will manage the activities of the Site, including the overall operations of the Production, Engineering departments and EHS, including managing people, budget, relations with stakeholders (partners and authorities), taking over the role of the host and official representative of the Zdravlje Site in Leskovac.

In a business sense, Dusan will be working on increasing our productivity, efficiency and budget compliance and will be responsible for ensuring that our manufacturing operations are maximally efficient and productive at all times. In cooperation with our respective teams, he will work on our CAPEX and sustainable business growth in accordance with our EHS&S Policy in Zdravlje.

Dusan will technically report to Gul Akin, Chief Technical Officer, with a direct and strategic line of responsibility to the CEO Kiren Naidoo.

Another significant promotion from April 1 this year, refers to the new business function in our Management team that will be led by Rada Stavric, Key Account Leader.

Rada has been working in the Zdravlje team since June 2006, when she started working as a Researcher in the Pharmaceutical Technology Department within the Research and Development Center, as a pharmacist, where she developed professionally by working as a Researcher of reformulation and development of new technologies and a Formulator. From April 2010, she worked as a Transfer and process optimization specialist, expanding her expertise (in April 2013, she completed specialist academic studies, second degree and obtained the title of Pharmacy Specialist), as well as professional experience in the field of Technical support and Transfer and MS&T until 2014, when she was promoted to the position of Continuous Improvement Manager in our MS&T Department.

Rada has continued developing her professional experiences and knowledge from 2018, first as a Continuous Improvement and Process Expert, through the role of OPEX Site Leader (2020) to the position of Sr. Site OPEX Leader, to which she was promoted on April 1, 2021, from the first days of Zdravlje’s business as an independent pharmaceutical company.

Rada’s key responsibilities in the new position of Key Account Leader will be related to managing and proactively leading activities with our key clients, starting from the first contacts until the moment of commercial production, project management, technical assessment of offers and deliveries. In this domain, Rada will lead our project teams, working closely with our respective departments.

Rada’s focus will be also on transfers of new products, as well as on the performance and client satisfaction and generation of new business ideas, ensuring further optimization of our business development and growth, in which she will have a key cooperation with Tsvetomir Yordanov, our Business Development Director.

Rada will have regular communication and an open reporting line with Gul Akin in her daily business activities, while she will directly and regularly report to the CEO regarding the creation and key activities of this new function.

We congratulate Dusan and Rada on their well-deserved promotions and wish them, as well as all their colleagues, much success in their new roles.



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