Zdravlje Leskovac at “Serbia Business Run” in Belgrade


We work, run, enjoy TOGETHER

Zdravlje Leskovac participated for the first time on September 29. at the great “Serbia Business Run“ in Belgrade. This manifestation, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles and running as a great way of recreation for the modern working person, is a series of 5 km business races, which are held in the largest business centers of Serbia and represent the largest sports and corporate event in our country. The project brings together 10,000 employees from more than 600 companies operating on the territory of our country. For our first participation, following the invitation of HR Department and within a very short deadline for registering the company team, our 7 employees applied. The following Zdravlje Leskovac Team bravely ran the 5 kilometers:

  • Jelena Jovanovic, Key Account Manager (Captain)
  • Kiren Naidoo, CEO
  • Stefan Pozar, ERP Consultant
  • Marko Matovic, Legal & Compliance Director
  • Vladimir Stevanovic, Secondary Packaging Operator
  • Milan Markicevic, Group Finance Director
  • Nikola Stojic, In-process QA Technician

This Team achievement was strongly supported by a group of Zdravlje Office employees in Belgrade. All the participants in this run received medals for successfully completed race, and according to the times, our fastest three runners were:

Special thanks to our colleagues who came from Leskovac to join in the run, and congrats to Vladimir on the best result! We congratulate to all in Zdravlje Leskovac Team, and are confident our team will be larger and faster for the next runs!  



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