Successful visit supporting the World Pharmacy Students Exchange Program


As part of the World Exchange Program of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Students (SEP) and the International Pharmacy Students Federation (IPSF) project, which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the first successfully held exchange, Zdravlje, in coordination with the National Association of Pharmacy Students of Serbia, realized a visit of the group of 11 pharmacy students from France, Poland and Serbia. With the support of our new employee Kristina Petkovski, Quality System Specialist, an active member of the Supervisory Board of the National Association of Pharmacy Students of Serbia, and in coordination with Natalija DJordjevic, coordinator of the Association of Pharmacy Students in the City of Nis, the visit was successfully realized on July 12.

In accordance with our Policy, from the moment they entered Zdravlje, our guests were immediately introduced to the concept, commitment, and practical implementation of the Environmental, Health and Safety system in our company.

According to the planned agenda, the future pharmacists first received valuable information and knowledge from our experts about the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Zdravlje (Ivan Kulic, Site HR Director, about modern systems and technologies in Production (Dusan Cvetanovis, Production Director) as well as Quality Systems in Zdravlje (Aleksandar Markovic, Supervisor QC Starting Materials) which ensure that pharmaceutical products are of high quality, efficient and reliable for their intended use.

After the introductory presentations, the students, with the professional guidance of the hosts, toured our Production and Packaging facilities, and got to know the key processes in the work of the Laboratories in Zdravlje.

At the end of the visit, the participants of the World Students Exchange Program had the opportunity to experience some of the food specialties that Leskovac is also famous for in our Zdravlje restaurant.

The study visit was evaluated with the highest marks (average mark of the realized program – 4.91, with general impression rated with 5.00), and the future pharmacists’ comments in the questionnaire conveyed exceptional impressions about the organization and educational content, which gives the full meaning to the theoretical knowledge they acquire at their faculties. Along with the gratitude for this wonderful opportunity, the students conveyed their hope to come to Zdravlje again (even after the end of their studies): “Excellent tour! Merci beaucoup! Hope to see you again! “



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