Zdravlje receives jubilee award from the Chamber of Commerce for 70 years of excellence


The successful and long-term business of Zdravlje was also recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS). At the premises of the Regional Chamber of Commerce (RPK) in Leskovac, during the ceremonial session of the Parliament of Businessmen, Zdravlje was presented with the JUBILEE AWARD OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF SERBIA for 70 years of successful business.

During the presentation of this important recognition, it was clearly indicated that Zdravlje represents the tradition and pillar of the region’s economy, and that its operations hold a special place in this organization.

Dušan Cvetanović, Senior Site Director and member of the Parliament of Businessmen of PKS-RPK Leskovac, received the award on behalf of the company and said: ‘It is a great honor and pleasure to be part of the history of a company like this, which has successfully contributed for 70 years without interruption to the economy of Leskovac, Serbia, and the region, as well as to all citizens and our employees. Despite the major changes it is going through, Zdravlje continues its work, adapting to modern global trends and strengthening its presence not only on the Serbian market but also in the region, the European Union, CEE markets, and all over the world.



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