Zdravlje Leskovac

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Zdravlje (meaning “health” in Serbian) AD in Leskovac is a leader in the Balkan pharmaceutical industry. Zdravlje has a 69-year-long history of manufacturing first-class pharmaceutical products at the highest international standards. From 1 April 2021, Zdravlje continues its journey as an independent pharmaceutical company under the ownership of Frontier Pharma and Baystone Group, highly experienced UK-based pharmaceutical investors and entrepreneurs.

Our highly trained and committed employees deliver the top-quality Zdravlje products in line with local, EU and global GMP standards. We have a proud heritage of serving effective and safe products at affordable prices to our valued customers across the world.
Our Vision:

FHI Zdravlje AD To Be a Reliable Pharmaceutical Leader Built on a Foundation of Quality, Innovation & Trust

Our Mission:

FHI Zdravlje AD Deliver the highest levels of clinical excellence with unparalleled levels of partner, physician & patient trust.

FHI Zdravlje AD Act with integrity and maintain the highest standards of quality, ethics & compliance.

FHI Zdravlje AD Remain an employer of choice in Serbia with a highly motivated and well-trained workforce.

FHI Zdravlje AD Consistently strive to expand our reach and capabilities.

FHI Zdravlje AD Remain flexible to swiftly react to a dynamic market.

FHI Zdravlje AD Support the communities we work in and grow sustainably.