Zdravlje Expands Global Footprint


Under new ownership, Zdravlje announces an expansion of its international presence to improve the availability of its high quality products worldwide.

Belgrade, 17/09/2021 – Zdravlje is excited to announce the launch of the Company’s international expansion strategy with the opening of new commercial offices in Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. This significant development represents Zdravlje’s return to its own international commercial activities after almost two decades.

Having a 67-year-long history of manufacturing first-class pharmaceutical products at the highest international standards, from April 1st, Zdravlje continues its journey as an independent pharmaceutical company under the ownership of Frontier Pharma and Baystone Group, highly experienced UK & US-based pharmaceutical investors and entrepreneurs.

With manufacturing capacity of 2 billion units, and products sold across approximately 40 different markets worldwide including EU, UK, Russia, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, Zdravlje is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer which is ideally located in South East Europe. Zdravlje is well-known for its quality, inspired by innovation and empowered by trust from its patients.

Opening new offices in the EU and ex-Yugoslavia is just the first step in our journey of international expansion. An important part of Zdravlje’s new management strategy is to expand its global footprint even further, thereby availing its high quality products to patients globally.

“All our efforts are directed to bringing novel treatments, expanding manufacturing capabilities and making high quality products available and affordable to as many patients as possible.” Said CEO Kiren Naidoo. “The entire Zdravlje family is fully committed to these goals.”

“Our objective is that Zdravlje celebrates its 70th birthday in 2023 as a leading multinational pharmaceutical company and we are confident and enthusiastic with this target ahead of us.” said Dragan Ćirković, Commercial Director.

More about Zdravlje

Pharmaceutical Company Zdravlje AD Leskovac was founded in 1953 and manufactures pharmaceuticals products for approximately 40 international markets located in Western and Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific region, South Africa and Latin America. The Company has a wide range of products for treatment of various serious and chronic diseases including cardiovascular disorders, central nervous and respiratory systems.



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